What’s on Your Table?


When one reads almost all of the types of cards used  for the telling of fortunes and divination how does one pick? It is necessary, of course to know the difference between the two operations of telling fortunes and divining at the outset.

Blue Owl Lennies

For fortune telling beyond  linear restraints the Kipper cards excel as they require geometrics or dimensionality to express their energies. For quick line reads in tight quarters the 36 card Lenormand deck is best.  Wii rarely use playing cards for fortune telling these days since our  prefered traditional German Lenormand  decks incorporate  the same energy via the inserts.

Original Kippers!!!

For divination which actually is the reading of the Querent’s inner and outer situation without focusing on other people in their lives the Marseilles style Tarot deck is always the go to. Theme Tarot decks (lol), Tarot “style” decks with less than 78 cards or picture pips decks such as used on the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot do not work as well for divination purposes in mai experience.

My brand of Tarot

As to oracle decks, most are like mood swings! They come and they go, sort of like comparing a fashion trend to a classic look. However, an oracle deck such as the French Tarot d’Eltynne  a version of the Belline Oracle shown below has a connection to traditional Cartomancy via the number of cards used in the deck (52 +1) and shares the same symbol language. This type of oracle  can infuse a reader with a different view of things to break up habits and  reroute blocks.  My favorite fun Oracle deck is Paris Debono’s Gypsy Tattoo Oracle Deck which has 36 cards.

There is a caveat in the buying of any deck which wii have adopted. Other than a deckmaker card, trump or card  titles and  numbers of rank there can be no words on the card face. Text is very distracting, as at the subconscious levels of awareness all is  symbol  and color oriented and there is no literacy of wording at all.  Also when and where possible borderless card decks are much enjoyed!

Tarot d”Eltynne
Gypsy Tattoo Oracle


On mai reading table for fortune telling Kipper  cards are usually the first choice. For divination the Marseille Tarot reigns supreme. Decks which wii do not use are either passed on or sold.