The Suit of Hearts: A House of Beliefs

In dealing with the suit of Hearts we deal with Blood and the Ink of Oaths. It is our beliefs that cause us to make liaisons, to join and fellowship, to co-sign and make pacts and ultimately to shed blood in war.

The Ace of Hearts is the home in traditional Cartomancy.  As the old saying goes home is where the hearth is. This however is not the actual edifice that one lives in but an idealized internal comfort zone. The Ace shows what gives one comfort and/or pleasure. It is what soothes the raging beast within the center of a man.

The King of Hearts-this is the representative of one’s beliefs. He is a talking head. He can be The Pope, The President, or an academic or scientific expert in any discipline, institution or organization  where one places their faith or BELIEF.  Belief gives the King of Hearts his authority.

The Queen of Hearts– Here we find  Beauty in all Her idolized symbols such as  Luxury and Art.  The Queen of Hearts represents High Culture and is worshipped in some form by all Nations. Her power is DESIRE-the dynamic drive in mankind to possess some material token of what one believes in.

The Jack of Hearts- This is a card of Luck . Of changed circumstances. Of winning against the “odds”. It is the Hail Mary pass. The lottery ticket that pays off. The favor of a cool Beloved bestowed as a warm kissThe power of the Jack of Hearts is static.  It is called HOPE.

The 10 of hearts is the home in terms of one’s family, the bloodline of living and dead forming the spiral stair of life and rebirth transmitted in the DNA/ RNA/mtDNA Temple of Blood. In more general terms this card stands for  one’s species. Therefore, the 10 of Hearts is not a card about individual concerns but will always involve others.

Pips 2-9 to follow.