Dark Art Cards

The Serpent’s Door

We will begin to look towards the darker meanings of the lenormand cards. These meanings can alert a reader to  energetic disturbances and imbalances in and around the client.

In the Lenormand deck there are traditionally seven cards which in certain combinations  can be interpreted as dealing with the interference or manipulation of energies aka negative magic.

We will look at each of these cards in turn to discuss their symbolic and folkloric values before forming  the pairs or combinations of warning.

08- The Coffin

11- The Whip

14- The Fox

18- The Dog

17- The Stars

26- The Book

32- The Moon

When using the standard European Blue Owl deck, card 12 The Owls is added to the list. Practitioners will include card 07 The Serpent at the top of the list bringing the number of Dark Art cards to nine.

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