The Coffin

Original Kipperkarten image 19 (reversed)


In the language of Science Fiction, accessing the deep unconscious levels of genetic information is portrayed as being put into a state of suspended animation or into a subzero cryosleep coffin. In the Stargate film the image of a sarcophagus was used for the recharging of  alien life force.  These cold storage techniques are no longer theories but have been made into working models. The idea of suspended animation in interstellar travel comes from classical physics.  It is based on immobilization to conserve or transform life force energies needed to transcend the “distance” it takes to travel in space over time. However, distance and time as we know it are not factors in quantum space, thus, the concept of the cold box or coffin is a picture or ideogram for the state of holy communication with the abstract which in quantum physics is known as dark energy.

See: TV: Lost in Space, Star Trek Original Series/ Star Seed episode (Khan!) Films: 2001, Stargate, Lifeforce, Event Horizon, et al.



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