The Cartomantic Energetic Interface

Much has been said about meanings in card reading. For some meanings are traditional which  generally means these discussions of the cards and their symbols have been passed down for hundreds of years,  memorized and quoted like verses in some holy tome- without ever examining  the images on the cards themselves!

Tarot, Lenormand and Kipper are graphic at their core. It is obvious the images on these decks have changed and morphed over the last 5 years.

The decks made today in general seek to break established traditions.

Yes, the path of  reading cards begins with an awareness of assigned meanings. However, the old meanings do not match the scenes on the new style of cards being manufactured today!

Be so advised continuation on the road to Cartomancy as a skilled diviner is not about traditional meanings memorized but all about the reader’s ability to decode imagery, symbols and patterns between cards in proximity through the filter of a particular query.

Meanings beyond the beginning entry level are consequential, i.e. developed as the result of the reader’s direct experience with the cards.

Rote meanings are stagnant. Whenever stagnation enters into a process the outcome becomes rigid and removed from the flow of life as we live it. Quite simply meanings cannot show one anything occurring beyond the tip of their own nose!

Cartomancers who prefer traditional decks ultimately over time will interpret them divergently or in a non-traditional manner.

Why? Card readers develop personal styles. Ones style is the by product of using a single deck with a  method  consistently until that deck opens up and begins to “speak” or to put it another way- a feedback loop is established between the deck’s energy and the unique perceptual ability of the reader. Before the 19th century ended these energies were usually classified as spirits!

While the practices or methods used for development can be shared with others or taught, the result of their application  which one may call facility or personal style cannot.  It is earned, the fruit of a reciprocating relationship between a deck of cards and the unique energy matrix of their reader.