The Birch Rod

Shown is an image from The Game of Hope or the Primal Lenormand of Card 11. The Birch Rod is also titled as the Broom or the Whip. The Dondorf  image shows the Broom and the Whip. We will look at the original image for this discussion.

Of course the Birch Tree or Mama Betula as an Elder Tree has inherent magical qualities. It is the staff and  besom of the Wise Woman.  The gathered pieces of birch branches are decorated by red thread. It is not coincidence that the Birch rod on the Game of Hope card shows red flowers. A sturdy limb of Birch made into a staff can be effectively used by an Elder for purposes of exorcism or the banishing of storms. The parchment made from a birch tree is good for writing out sigils of protection.

The besom is hearth tool and broom a way to  sweep out and away accumulated negativity, and to disperse parasites which cling to the human aura. The most iconic image of the Birch Rod is of the Witch’s Broom. It is a symbol of nocturnal flight by the dark body of the Seer.

The metaphysical meaning of the Birch Rod is: CONTROL, FORCE OR DOMINATION. It represents actions which are repeated, over and over such as exercises, training and rituals. Its appearance in certain combinations with the Dark Art Cards alerts a reader -practitioner of Work being done against a Querent or Work needing to be done on the Querent’s behalf.

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