The Anatomy of the Lenormand Key Card

The Lenormand card 33 The Key is a positive rated card often read as a confirmation or a yes in a small spread. This is much too simple and vague. The meaning of the Key as a topic card involves security and by extension what is accessible or available.

Let us look closely  at the horizontal  illustration of the parts of a key shown below. The left side or the bow of the Key can say that the card falling on the left or before it is protected or secure, i.e. locked or closed. The card to the right or in front of the business end of the key as shown would be unlocked, open or accessible.

In the vertical style of Card 33 one would read the image as the card on the shaft or pin side being closed or protected and the card on the bit side as opened up or accessible.

Lenormand cards are directional as one moves forward in interpretation. In a linear read of 5, 7 or 9 cards, The Key can be used  based on direction whether vertical or horizontal to shed more light on the cards which it pairs with or touches.

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