Taking Spiel Out of the Game

Fortune telling is direct. You tell the client what you see in the cards, crystal ball, pattern of the stones, shells, etc. The idealogy and judgements of the seer have absolutely NOTHING to do with the telling of a fortune!

A card reader gives a message. They are not there to put a “spin” on what the cards say, to twist it or even omit certain information out of a fear of losing a client or upsetting a friend. This type of attitude defeats the purpose of reading the cards. Negative cards or scenarios are in a deck for a reason, they are a part of life. One cannot take them out, tone down or neutralize their message when they fall. The negative must be read.  IF one can see it – it is SEEN to be conveyed.  Happy satisfied people do not go to fortune tellers as clients, people looking for alternative views and solutions do. A card reader should not market their services in the same way as a retailer sells a product!

Of course this is known to those who  study the meaning of the cards, the combinations and the layouts and are serious about learning how to give a traditional reading. This message is for those “intuitives” who grab a deck and begin reading it for others without study, spinning a tale from the cards in front of them from their own imagination, saying they are psychic and whatever pops out of their mouths is a message from their spirit guide.

Intuitive readings are heavy on platitudes and void on details. They do not answer the question asked and meander all over the client’s affairs. The holders of  such delusions of psychic ability are the reason why fortune telling and Cartomancy is not taken seriously by the public.

A true card reading “spirit guide” will prompt one to study the cards and train hard BEFORE they step in to point out the jewels of  their deeper meanings.  Go on, ask me how I know…

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