Review: The Dreaming Way Lenormand


The Dreaming Way Lenormand is a 36 card lenormand style deck by artist Kwon Shina.  It comes in a sturdy two part box with a 90 page LWB written by  Lynn Araujo. It was released in 2016 by US Games.

I first saw the Dreaming Way Lenormand in a Facebook forum placed in a Square of Nine. I was captivated by the soft pastel colors and simple designs. I immediately ordered the deck.

The Dreaming Way Lenorand does not have full playing card inserts but it does have a notation of the association next to the title of the card on the bottom. The number of the card is in a circle on the top. The cards are borderless which is a reason to love them in my opinion. The card stock is substantial and shuffles smoothly.

The changes to the traditional lenormand style are modern and whimsical almost childish in presentation but their simplicity is deceptive. The directions of the symbols are  crystal clear in linear spreads,  the Square of Nine as well as the larger Grand Tableau. Some of my favorite cards in the deck are Tower, Fox and Fish; my least favorites are Ring and Coffin.

Since I received the DWL the box has not been fully closed. I keep the box top tilted and at the ready on my nightstand next to my journal and pen for before bed questions.

This is a sweet and responsive deck. I highly recommend it for new readers especially the younger ones. Makes a great “first lennie” gift.


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