Part 2: Suit of Diamonds -Pips


The pips are basically levels of contractual  business relationships. The suit of Diamonds is not about manual labor, a job or working wage. It relates to corporations, business owners and the wealthy. In terms of the average man it points to legal obligations such as taxes, to banks, large ticket purchases and lifestyles financed on credit.

Deuce-a legal partnership

Tray- a business takeover, credit transactions

Four-  real property or assets, a mortgage

Five- signed documents, expenses, (also overspending/gambling)

Six- a financial opportunity or investment ( for good or ill)

Seven- interest rates, management of holdings or investments,  accountants, taxes and red tape

Eight- boards of directors, stockholders; also clubs, orders, and fraternities

Nine- legacies and inheritances

Though this is my system of reading playing cards suits it still follows that each query and the position, i.e. the cards to right and left as well as above and below the playing card will help fine tune meaning.