The Blue Owl deck is not the only Lenormand deck to show Owls but it is the European Standard Deck and has reached more hands than any other in this classification.

Owls are the quintessential night birds. In the lore of dark magic they are messengers with human like vocal intonations who sit, watch  and comment upon the nocturnal actions of  men and Spirits. Owls are predators, their night vision, sharp talons and quiet winged flight allows them to easily scoop up prey.

Owls in ancient times were a  totem of  Mother Wit or Feminine Wisdom, protectors and warners of  women who worked deep in the forests at night guided through the bush by the light of fireflies.

There is an element of shape shifting  associated with Owls, a mystery which blurs the line between feathers and skin under the Dark Moon.

In Dark Art combinations the Owls card brings a message of magic afoot and of masquerades, but beware how you treat these messengers – they are skilled assassins.

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