Lenormand Overlay

When one studies the scenery of the traditional Lenormand decks such as the Dondorf and the Blue Owl one will see certain symbols are included in other cards. For example, let us take a look at The Rider using a Blue Owl style deck:

The Rider is a Man card 28

The card shows him riding away from a House card 04

He travels on a tree lined Road card 22

The trio of symbols on the Rider vignette are what I call an overlay. The Rider includes the energies of card 28, 04 and 22 making card 1, a story within a story. The Rider shows movement away from home and travel over land a short distance returning at the end of the day. We say a return at the end of the day due to the timing element of the Rider card.

Another overlay is the Ship Complex. In the Blue Owl  deck, The Ship appears on card 3 as well as card 34- The Fish and card 35 The Anchor. Again there are shared properties  on all cards due to the ship symbol and the watery environment. The Ship shows a long journey. One goes a great distance (34) before setting anchor on dry land (35).

There are more overlays in the deck. Traditional Lenormand decks contain these sets of cards which share symbols. While this is not relevant to the beginner, it is food for meditation for an intermediate to advanced Lenormand student who has selected a primary working deck, as every detail about that deck can add information to the reading.

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