Lennies Are More Popular

The lenormand deck it seems gets way more attention than Kipper cards. I cannot see why the more descriptive of the two sets of fortune telling cards are so routinely overlooked.

One reason might be the cards themselves. The traditional Kipper deck is dark and dated. However, the new artistic renderings in Kipperkarten by people not so well versed in reading the cards can hamper the new reader’s ability to interpret the cards in the traditional way.  What seems old fashioned about card scenes is quite charming, once one learns the history of the deck. Kipperkarten are certainly more modern than the Marseilles Tarot deck.

Secondly, a Kipper deck needs to be very clear on directions on each of the 36 cards. Ambiguity is caused by artists modifying the original card scenes which have the visual cues used by traditional Kipper reading techniques’ Without these cues Kipper becomes inaccessible. The Kipper cards are overtly directional whereas in lenormand the directions are covert.  The lennies use direction but not in a way which will impact the beginning lenormand reader.

The Line of Sight Draw above: MC2-> 34 Work-35-High Honor-18 A Small Child says the Lady works to learn something new. This was my approach to both Lenormand and   Kipperkarten- as a student learning the basics which allows skills to grow and unfold naturally during the process.



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