Law and Order


Law & order is found in the Celestial Realm. The positions of sun, moon, earth and the Stars create the angles (angels) which enforce the Word (i.e. the Laws of Physics/ Manifestation) and control the affairs on our plane in this solar system. Law and Order on this scale are shown in symbol and art as the “clockwork” of our Cosmos.

What we see happen in the world are not choices made by its rulers but the effects of  “higher law” causation which is indeed “over our heads.” It is an energy which connects to us via the group mind.

Mankind carries a pattern recognition program aka DNA which pushes them to “re-enact” both ancestral, cultural and planetary Karma. To “ascend” means to transcend both personal Karma and the limitations imposed on our system by the glass ceiling/sealing of Cosmic Law by becoming other than mankind.

The card shown in this post is the Star from the Vieville Marseille Tarot by J.C Flornoy.