Kipper Meets the Hipsters

The invasion of Kipper has geared up! I am currently translating some German Kipper texts during a lull with online classes sponsored by the World Kipper Association. I enjoy the translation process and the chance to add the perspective of various meanings attributed to the cards by Susan Zitzl, Hildegard Leidig-Heinz, Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, I.M. Simeon and  Zeljiko Schreiner.  I also have a current membership at Waldfee for Kipperkarten to help me practice combinations. Yes, Kipper has combos just as lenormand does.

While I do not keep a journal of dailies as I did with Lenormand, I do keep a dated record of all Kipper reads in a spiral notebook. I find Kipper more descriptive than the lennies. The element of direction which  is present in all German school approaches is especially helpful and revealing when using the Original Kipper deck.

A large 400 page journal  holds my translated card interpetations, combinations and the details of the various Kipper spreads. There is more variety for smaller Kipper reads than there was in the traditional lenormand method.

While I use my lenormand cards on a daily basis to check on my praxis, I do not see the Lenormand deck as functioning in the same way or at the same level as Kipperkarten in terms of fortune telling for clients. Kipper will win the battle of details in painting a picture of the future- every time!

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