If Ya Don’t Wanna Know…

Miss Dolly reads the Gypsy Tattoo Deck by Paris Debono

…don’t ask.  Simple. Yet, in the online world of card reading and card readers this statement has gotten lost. People learn the basics and then in practice reads decide when the query is theirs the ratings of the Lenormand cards i.e. positive, negative and neutral don’t apply or the situational cards shown in a Kipper spread have changed their meanings and time frames.

New readers not only wear rose tinted spectacles, their glasses also have  blinders which obstruct peripheral vision. Teachers should strive to lay out and make the steps clear and not just say this is or isn’t the answer. Another non-productive approach is releasing information piecemeal in groups. A learning environment is no place for teasers nor should it be a  commercial for any product or service being sold. Such tactics cause confusion as they were never meant to be fully discussed in a public forum. To learn one needs to know the meaning of all terms used as well as the why of the process, i.e.  how do the responding cards in this layout or line give the answer.

Even in making things crystal one will find certain students who make what is fundamental more complex, that being how their personality functions. One doesn’t use logic or need flow charts to read card lines or layouts. The ability to interpret symbols in combination for diverse queries comes out of journaling a daily draw with an evening follow up entry -consistantly over time with lennies and with frequent practice reads in Kipperland.

So I’ve made myself scarce and stopped commenting because the obvious and the basic both seem to fall on deaf ears. There is a vast difference in the directions and intent of a fortune teller and a diviner. No need to suffer a concussion from all the flotsam and jetsam floating about in the fortune telling ocean, seems like the perfect time for this diviner to swim ashore and blog on my own beach.



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