Elemental Dignities in Tarot

Elemental dignities are not a new thing.  Back when I first began to read cards for clients too many solar returns ago my Hermetic study partner told me, “it’s not good to tell everything you see”. I laughed but he was certainly on point.  E.D. can show you things a client will swear up and down just ain’t true!


Fire and Air – Wands and Swords

Water and Earth- Cups and Disks


Fire and Earth – Wands and Disks

Water and Air – Cups and Swords

Akasha-  All the Major Arcana


Fire and Water – Wands and Cups

Earth and Air – Disks and Swords

As mentioned in prior posts on the TdM the Major Arcana are universal impersonal processes encountered by every man during an incarnation. The Royal or Court cards are personal. They are the psychological matrix of the Querent and/or the personality traits reflected back to awareness by the actions of those around him. The pips are powers external to the Querent over which he or she has no influence which can interfere in plans made for good or ill.

I do not assign elemental dignities to the Major Arcana only to Minors which are suited cards. The Major Arcana in the system I use are assigned to Spirit aka the Akasha. This is how I learned elemental dignities back in the day.

The use of the 5 card Pentagram Spread’s placements for divination allows one to read combinations based on what card falls where. Two contrary elements in proximity is a “flagged position” because the free harmonious flow of energies is stopped by their meeting. The Solar Cross (equal armed cross) also works well with E.D.

Needless to say the ED system works extremely well in playing card divination. More on that come Fall.