Divination: Talking To The Invisibles


Most people use divination for clients these days or as a way to build online businesses. Was that the original purpose of divining? No! The word itself says there is a divine component in the process.

Oracles were the human representatives of “divine” or unseen energies. They did not use tools to divine but allowed the energies to flow through their bodies.

Using tools to divine such as bird feathers, shells, rocks is ancient. Cards are modern as they are made of paper. However before cards were of paper there were tooled leather, stamped metals, and other materials used to represent the sacred symbols and patterns of the subconscious.

Therefore, divination is not just for client work. It also has a purpose as a diagnostic tool in self-development. One can also use it to speak to invisible entities, the dead, the genius loci, the planets and to Souls.





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