Direct or Indirect Method?


The use of tools for divination is approached in two main ways.  In the first method one learns the meanings of the cards, combinations, layouts and history of the deck, etc. This is the long road.

The second way involves having a “spirit” or a personal connection to the invisible realm. The connection in folkloric terms of divination is often referred to as having a “gypsy” spirit. The term gypsy is not ethnic or limited to the Romani peoples, it is a cross-cultural  indicator of a  psychic ability to read or access invisible energies  while using the cards  as prompts or props, be that as it may.

In is in the second or short road  that the person does not have to use the traditional meanings of the cards or learn any methods. The cards are simply a type of symbol shorthand used by the person and their “spirit” or psychism  within the setting of a reading session. It makes their ability less invasive and thus seem less threatening.

Today, the second method has been adopted by people who are not psychic or gifted and dubbed the intuitive method. These dabblers skip learning the card meanings, techniques or traditions associated with the system and immediately read clients. They simply make up stream of consciousness “narratives” from their own egoic fantasies and call it a reading. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about the process at all. It is all imagination or in their head, a form of self-deception.

Discipline is not fun. Study is a commitment. As the old saying goes: “you can’t con a con” or fool God. Something is always watching what we do and the way we do it.