Clubs: When There’s Work to Be Done

The Clubs are a very physical suit. Some stand alone meanings for the cards in this suit are:

The Ace of Clubs-physical strength, The ability to “make it so.”

The King is the Country Squire.  He is somewhat of a heavy weight being sedentary or retired.   An owner of real estate. Often an employer of many people in a small town.

The Queen is the Lady of the Manor. This Queen who is generally younger than her King rides horses and is not unfamiliar with a hunting rifle.

The Jack of Clubs is the Jock, the Boy of Brawn. Strong and athletic often inclined to bully others less endowed.

The 10 of clubs is  land in the country, an estate or even a working farm. The idea behind the 10 of clubs is land  has to be worked, farmed or maintained and thus people are hired.

2 of clubs can indicate best friends.

3 of clubs is the proverbial “buttinsky” a person who aggressively wants to be included and won’t take NO as an answer.

4 of clubs is a room or a cottage, even a shed.  It can represent the four walls of a dwelling or a fenced in outdoor area.

5 of clubs is traditionally the need to rest or recuperate from exhaustion to literally “lie down”.

6 of clubs is a country road or a lane. It can be the way to one’s work or the method/ way one does their job.

7 of clubs can indicate trouble keeping a steady job and the issues a reduction of wages or  income can bring.

8 of clubs indicates a crew or ones co-workers and can indicate socializing .

9  of clubs  is the end of a job, project  or a contract. It is not like the 7 of clubs where person is removed. Here the work is simply completed.

Stay tuned for:  Reversals in playing cards should you or shouldn’t you?