Christmas Day 2016

The Mystical Kippers are great for notation of the function of cards in psychological and esoteric readings. In card 17, we find a Christmas tree is in the center with many gifts arranged beneath it. What is added is the feature of many open eyes in the background.

Perhaps this is a reference to the holidays themselves as being “observed” as often the tree is a gathering place for extended family.

The deeper message is one of being watched.  In this way of viewing the scene the gifts beneath the tree come with strings or cords which connect the recipient to their giver in ways not readily apparent. String and cords, ribbons and wrapping paper all have additional meanings in the “mystical” sense as boons. The archaic meaning of  a boon is a favor or a request. The gift is a favor or a request which is wrapped in or hidden under the paper.

So when “receiving a gift” beware the strings.

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