A House of Cards

Kipper GT
                  A Kipperkarten GT

The Full Spread of 36 cards in  Lenormand and Kipperkarten is called the Grand Tableau or the Great Spread. The 36 cards are each said to be in houses. This is the terminology used in Cartomancy, however, in my head I imagine the G.T. in the 9 X 4 form as a Great Mansion or a Castle which has  four floors each floor having nine rooms. In the Lenormand 8 X 4+4 style I imagine the Castle has four floors with 8 rooms on each floor and a basement beneath the house consisting of four rooms.

The Great Mansion is a house of cards and the image of a house made of cards exists in many cultures. Just as a physical house has a Spirit which dwells within it so does a house of cards. The GT has an intelligence which forms the House and which is the guide to its inner layout. This Spirit is not a consequence of the way the cards fall but is the causal factor in their arrangement.



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