A Directional Lenormand Read

Mini Russian Blue Owl Deck

The line shown above is 34-22-13-04-01. It was an actual query used to divine the source of a received “nocturnal message.”  The question was did the information originate on the astral plane or was it from the mental plane?

First how would one read the line? The Rider shows direction so the  line reads from right to left. The direction of the center card 13 confirms the direction as right to left. So: o1-> 04-> 13->22 | 34.

The Rider shows a journey undertaken taken to a place (House) or plane via a new direction  and road. The interesting thing is an actual road or path is shown in the Blue Owl on the bottom of all the cards from 01-Rider to 22- The Ways.

Card 22 curves the path up and away from Card 34 . One can see in the Ways Card (22) there is a water source along side the road and a bridge in the distance but the road actually curves away from the waters going up and out of the line.

Water is the symbol par excellent of the astral plane, so the new direction and road suggests the information was sourced from a plane which runs parallel to the astral and leads  towards the mental which is “above” the astral or beyond it being of a faster frequency.

Crystal Clear!




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