Right to Left


Often Wii look at the draws of other readers to see what they have to say about the cards. One thing that astonishes is that in linear reads people read the card symbols in the same direction as text in their native language. Wrong! One should read in the OPPOSITE direction to obtain the gist of the symbol energy in a line!

Second, the eyes of the central character in an Arcanum or Trump Card and a Court Card are always taken into consideration.

So rather than bank books and bills the 3 card linear draw  above can be interpreted in a much different way as a divinatory directive.  The line when read right to left starts with The Lovers or Bifurcatio -the fork in the road, which reminds us that  in all 3D situations  there is a sacred, profane and mundane aspect, shown  by the 3 parts of the Tarot deck as the Pips, Courts and Trumps. One follows the Eyes of the Oracle aka the second Trump who is the Protagonist for the sacred aspect of this message.

As the Oracle of the Matrix said to Neo “you have already made the choice you are here to see why.” The “coins” with the High Priestess looking directly at them are not mere coins but magic seals or sigils. The seventh seal of Her Book of Mysteries has been opened. She is saying to look to The Chariot the seventh Arcanum for the methodology to conquer. The pips or the numbered cards in suit of disks / wheels/ quanta are denizens in the realm of the sacred, seeds which evolved into the first ten Trumps.