The Celestial Cluster

Stars, Sun and Moon, Lilies

The celestial markers in the lenormand deck are basically three: 31 The Sun, 32 The Moon and 16 The Stars.  In the Blue Owl-my master deck, card 30 the Lilies is clearly shown surrounded by nine golden stars and so for me becomes part of the celestial cluster or grouping.

In the German approach to lenormand the Sun is the Big Luck  or  Major Fortune card. The Stars card 16 is seen as bestowing boons as well.  Often it is commonly called a wish card not in the sense of making a wish but as bestowing one upon the card near it. The Stars actually represents precision and exactness, the clockwork of the cosmos.

Often people view the lenormand  Moon as they do in Tarot.  This is a misdirection as card 32 or the  Moon does not function and cannot be applied in the same way as Tarot in this system. The Moon does not pertain to emotions unless paired with or falling  near card 24, The Heart.  The Heart is the emotional card in lenormand method. In lenormand the Moon represents appreciation, honors, respect, reputation. It is the result of the Big Luck card or the Sun’s light of success being reflected in the affairs of the Querent.

Of course the Sun, Moon and Stars are timing cards. The Sun is noon, the Moon early evening and the Stars the middle of the night.

The Lilies are the only card in the Blue Owl “celestial cluster” which has a Court Card insert- The King of Spades. (Remember in lenormand the Spades suit is not  the most negative as that honor belongs to Clubs.) It is either an archetype or a  “persona” highlighted here. In my work with the cards the Lilies represents  ELDERS and ANCESTORS. Card 30 touches upon or opens one to the afterlife and the invisible energetic fields of the spiritual dimensions.

The King of Spades can at base level be a male relation or father figure to the female Querent card 29, as the Ace of Spades is the card associated with her.  Using the visual prompts of the circle of stars around the Lilies as a halo or an aura  which highlights the main theme of Elders or Ancestors,  the circle can indicate a revered living  older person who is  helpful or supportive or an Ancestor who is  well remembered such as a grandfather as well as a lineage head or an elevated heroic influence. One may think of the images of saints who had an aureola or nimbus shown  around their heads in their icons.

If one were to make a comparison, the King of Spades insert in the Lilies would function much like card 5, the Good Gentleman card of Kipperkarten offering support and advice, i.e. good news in an auspicious placement- but  if not well placed  being a serious warning of danger .

In the mystic folklore associated with  the lenormand cards, The Lilies is  said to represent the Spirit Guardian of the deck itself who’s voice  is decidedly a male one. In terms of a planetary vibration, The King of Spades is of a Saturnian nature. Saturn is a governing force. In the language of myth, Saturn is the Old Sun who ruled during the Golden Age.  The ring of golden stars around the Lilies can be seen as the sphere of influence or energetic enclosure lenormand readers connect to when using the deck as an oracular system.