Law and Order


Law & order is found in the Celestial Realm. The positions of sun, moon, earth and the Stars create the angles (angels) which enforce the Word (i.e. the Laws of Physics/ Manifestation) and control the affairs on our plane in this solar system. Law and Order on this scale are shown in symbol and art as the “clockwork” of our Cosmos.

What we see happen in the world are not choices made by its rulers but the effects of  “higher law” causation which is indeed “over our heads.” It is an energy which connects to us via the group mind.

Mankind carries a pattern recognition program aka DNA which pushes them to “re-enact” both ancestral, cultural and planetary Karma. To “ascend” means to transcend both personal Karma and the limitations imposed on our system by the glass ceiling/sealing of Cosmic Law by becoming other than mankind.

The card shown in this post is the Star from the Vieville Marseille Tarot by J.C Flornoy.


Tarot as Notarikon

Etymology is the mind’s game. The roots of words are effects not the cause of meaning. Language is symbol based and culturally biased.  Words are tricky, the banana peels man’s intellect tosses away and later slips on, and the academic labyrinth  it fashions only to get trapped in.

Words cannot explain what is found above the mental plane, i.e.  free energy.  The mental plane in modern occult terminology is called causal. This is an error.

It is consciousness not cognitive brain function which is the Sole Cause.  The primordial emanations which predate existence  are vibratory, thus  deep study in Hermetic Arts requires one convert words into numbers or frequencies.

Revelation renders mankind  outside of his fleshly form  whether in the  dream body or energy double “dumbstruck.”  Above the mental plane  pictures and image streams are transferred in lieu of words. The words come later and the meaning, if it is to be had at all, must be wrested from  ones life experience.

Tarot as used in Hermeticism focuses on the Major Arcana as notarikon. The  descriptions of states and conditions  on the card’s face is approached as having another interpretation which goes beyond the images shown. Each trump is an Arcana, the holder of a secret or as they say in the  East a “terma” or concealed  treasure.

Let us dig!

*The word “notarikon” is borrowed  Greek language  which was derived from the  Latin word “notarius” meaning “shorthand writer.” Notarikon is one of  three  methods used by Kabbalists, the other two are Gematria and Temurah to rearrange words and sentences. These methods were used in order to derive and to hide the esoteric substratum and deeper spiritual meaning of the words in the sacred texts.  Notarikon was used in  Alchemy.

( *Info sourced from Wikipedia)

In Your Feelings?

A feeling is an “emotional” state. Feelings are energies which literally engulf a person by 1) pulling the auric field close around them like a fence 2) becoming the dominant note or color in the auric field.  This is then 3) accompanied by a change in temperature. The RED flush of anger. The BLUE chill of indifference, distance, etc.

Emotions are aptly named because once in the aura they compel one to make a move. Feelings are also called PSYCHIC PUSHES as they instigate action. Feelings are FAST (recall the Agents in the Matrix movie??)  as they are signal modifications born from the instinctive survival level of the personal subconscious NOT the slower process of mental cognition related to ordinary thought or beta brainwaves. As brainwave frequency “feelings” can be classed with the Lambda brainwave which is actually a  “wave rider”  attaching itself to  slower brain frequencies. One is taken up and “swept away” on emotion’s tides.

Feelings also “pull” or attract circumstances to the auric field  related to or harmonious with their frequencies. However people are not only moved by  their own personal feelings but are subject to feelings emanating from the group  which blow like winds to ripple as waves troubling the stormy seas of humanity. Like attracts like. Anger  attracts  situations to the FEELER just as  fear does.

Be mindful of language as the worded concept  feeling” differs from  sensation  which is based in the 5 TACTILE senses.

The Tarot Arcanum which addresses the push and the pull of the feelings is the Lovers. In the card shown above the color Yellow represents tangible sensory stimulation and sensations.

When Tarot is used in Metaphysics or Alchemy, the Major Trumps are called Arcanum plural or single Arcana which indicates their use in teaching about Laws and Processes of the Human Psyche.

People have the right to reach up or down, to grasp the lightning bolts of heaven or hell. One can decide to allow the fires of passionate Divine Rage to blaze but know they are HOT, HOT, HOT with a heat which feeds upon the “Life Force/Chi ” of mortal men. ” Our god is a consuming fire” refers to the emotions which are connected to the subconscious levels of existence.  This is why various rituals of appeasement or cooling down are found in cultures worldwide.

Divine indifference or apathy is COLD as ice and like cold packs applied to a sprain preserves human cell structure by extending battery life aka life force.  On chill the push buttons or emotional triggers are deactivated. One may act but without a spark of immediacy  started by an emotional wildfire. When one chooses the cold blue flame one gains TIME  to change the outcome, to fine tune a situation. One is not caught up in the tide.

All have free will to choose the red or the blue pill, to decide whether to act on emotions or choose a direction in a situation. Never go to the Cross roads  in the lukewarm afterglow of physical arousal to hangout or stand about. Where  roads cross one must decide.


Alchemate: Trumps 19 and 20

Statement:  The Work is the demolition of the Wall of Fiction the disciple’s  “Mind-Body” finds Itself trapped in.

When one approaches  Tarot not as a divination device but as the Book of Life’s alchemic notations the Marseille deck’s Major Arcana images reveal the greatest amount of symbolic details towards that purpose.

The Twins in card 19 shown in the walled in garden show the Mind-Body relationship. The child with the tail is of course the physical body which shares much with the animal kingdom.

The Wall around the Twins is the Wall of Fiction or the accepted Reality of Phenomena which has to be demolished.  It is the symbol of  liminal space the time between  ‘what was’ and what comes  ‘next.’ It represents transition, waiting, and limitation. It may seem a defined space is Paradise or  a  Garden of Eden but in fact it is a holding cell for both  mind and body.

The shining  Sun shows the Group Mind as an observer and  energy source. The Sun is not confined inside the Garden but shines over a  greater space than the walled  enclosure.

In order for a student to  become an initiate they must destroy their wall. This is a process of work and understanding of their own mental and psychological fictions. A search for beliefs or the seeds which took root and in a sense created each brick or obstacle which  limits their potential or greater awareness.

The word “alchemate”  is a portmanteau which showed up around 2016 which combines the words “alchemy” to transform and the word “automate” which means to make processes and systems automatic.

An initiate  begins or turns on the process of transformation in the limited consciousness of the DAY cycle using  affirmations, visualizations and/or energy moving  exercises which when faithfully done penetrates to the deeper levels of the subconscious to become automatic in the NIGHT cycle which is show in card 20 or   Judgement.

The combination of cards 19 and 20 shows the work of the Day and Night Cycle or the process of  alchemating!

The Sun as in Card 20 has transformed from the Group Mind of the masses to the Anima Mundi or Soul of the Earth (equilateral cross on yellow flag is an earth symbol) who blows a  trumpet.  One can see vestiges of the Twins in a male and female pair who represent here the conscious and subconscious aspects of human awareness .  A mysterious central grey-blue figure rises up  from a prone position in a coffin or bed,  facing the Anima Sola and the revelation  of a new heaven and Earth with no wall in sight.



Earth Mysteries

An Earthkeeper is one who has formed a  link to the Earth’s sentient energy. Speaking to the Earth in a sacred way allows the Earth to speak through you.  The Earth is ancient. Modern ideas of linear time cannot hold Her stories. Allegiances to the traditions of the current world system have to be widened to contain the Earth Mysteries.

The Earth-plane today is not in the pattern of Old Earth. The First 2 legged Tribe scattered when Stars and Asteroids collided, when Seas seethed and the Land divided. The boundaries named and identities claimed by Ancient Men are dry bones buried under layers of the Collective Unconscious by the shovel of Time.

Original Earth Mysteries have no part in what is recognized or can be “verified” by historians or science. The Earth Mysteries are mythic, fantastic, dark whispers, the stuff of dreams and visions. What is meant by the saying ” modern men live in the mental architecture of their Ancestors,” i.e. the relics & landmarks of a position in space time where & when a specific cultural lineage starts or begins is simply that they live on a historic timeline which is a limited perspective.

Metaphysical Musings 

Spring is here and there are new sprouts poking out through the soil. So too are new ideas and thoughts popping out of meye head,

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have lost their appeal and since writing every morning is my method, I have decided to place some of those musings,  poems and prose here on Nocturnal Nuances sometimes so they may see the light of day outside of my journal .

So be aware  what is shared depends a lot on the weather and meye mood. Tarot will still drop in as she is an old dear friend and there is sure to be   some Kipper talk.

Good Spring!

Tarot, Oracle or Fortune Telling Deck?

In a time where one may casually hear any means of divination referred to as Tarot, which type of deck a full size 78 card  true Tarot or an oracle deck of various sizes from less than 36 to more than 52 cards is the best to select for your client’s reading situation?

Having started out with a full sized Tarot deck of the Marseilles style where the minor arcana or pip cards are numbered this deck is the one which is most familiar to me.

An oracle deck for me is a deck which is visual having pictures and geometric symbols  not numbered or in suits like playing cards. This style of deck works for me to trigger  messages from the shared  subconscious levels between myself and the client.  Most oracle decks were not numbered individually and the number of cards in the deck varied.  A personal favorite was the 1997 Vertical Oracle by Antero Alli using 52 images created by Sylvie Pickering.


In the last 10 years learning the European style of fortune telling decks of 36 cards was a major change and challenge. Having started with Lenormand from a French perspective study proved in was indeed a German concept. Moving into the Kipperkarten the benefits of using the 36 cards began to show themselves in ways that Tarot did not.

Tarot I have found reads the internal aspects of the person in their environment  or inside to outside.  Oracle decks read all the energies  in an environment or situation using symbol language.   Fortune telling decks of 36 cards seem to deal with the energies in the outer world and how the  person is handling them or from the outer to the inner.


Clients in general want to deal with the latter how to handle the outer environment wanting to know what is coming down the pike. The 36  card decks excel at this. So it would be good when you don’t know the client at all such as an outdoor fair or doing online services.

Initiates and people working in aspects of magick or  the occult want to check their energies and balance so the 78 card Tarot is able to show them an internal blueprint. The Major Arcana dealing with outer phenomena,  the Minor Arcana with the 4 element balance in their own system and the Court Cards with their psychological interface.  One would have to know the client’s interests to select this method.

Artists, creative people and those of a mystical mindset fare well when read with  a symbol-visual dominant oracle. Again this works for people whose interests you know or repeat clients.

Just my take on the various tools. Try them out!

After the Unboxing

What happens after you open the box on a new deck of cards be they Tarot, 36 card fortune telling decks or any oracle on cardstock?

Most folks like to do an unboxing or write a review for their blogs and then the new deck gets to join the others on a shelf if they are a collector or to wait until a mood strikes if they are  a dilettante . If the person is a regular card reader then the deck gets placed in the rotation to be used if the energy is good. If the energy is good means in most cases if the buyer/reader “feels” a connection to the images of the deck. This is why theme and concept decks are often relegated to a certain time of year and the user never gets familiar with their cards.

How does on get to know a deck of cards? My first act is to open the deck. This requires a thorough  shuffle to break up the pre-formatted order of the cards. The goal of opening a deck is to get a message from the deck about what it brings to you -as a tool of divination. This ritual first act allows the deck to make the first move and speak to you. No question is needed other than your intention.

The opening card is recorded.

After opening the deck if it is a 78 card Tarot the layout is always  the Pentagram Spread  as it tells me if the energy distribution of the deck. This spread is also recorded. The first spread  used varies with 36 card decks and other oracles but it is basic in all cases which means not more than 5 cards.

Then what? If the deck is a good energy fit, it is time to move beyond the LWB or the guidebook which came with it. A reader  has to discover what the symbology and the scenery on the cardface mean by direct experience. Reading is personal. It uses the treasure house of the Reader i.e. the contents of their subconscious (aka personal unconscious) to interpret the situation of the client.

What the symbol means to a client means absolutely nothing.  The layout is  arranged in front of the Reader and INVERSE to the client across the table. It is the reader who functions as  interpreter. A spread is a mirror. The client is the face in the mirror which momentarily looks back at us which is not our own.

This is why a professional Reader  immediately takes up the cards and puts the deck back together to  end the session before a client rises from the chair.  They may use some additional ritual techniques to  “clear” each face to face reading session which  ensures  all the client’s energies  go out the door with them.



Santa Muerte Tarot


The Santa Muerte Tarot finally arrived from Book Depository in the UK who as always has the best prices! This 2017 Lo Scarabeo deck was drawn by Fabio Listrani.

It came in the standard box which is quite sturdy. The cards are glossy  and the stock makes it easy to shuffle them. The colors are vibrant and the scenes are not quite RWS in format.

There is not a one on one correspondence to basic Tarot meanings. As a “concept” deck the subject matter “flavors” the brew so to speak. Therefore the action on the cardface is important not a rote response. The LWB gives a short blurb called Advice of the Dead for each card. It would help to look at each card as you read the notation  when working with the deck. It is not for those new to Tarot, no concept deck is.

The opening card for me using this deck is the  Knight of Pentacles which is not shown here. The Knights are mounted on dead steeds. The Knight of Pentacles is shown in a lime green  hue and has a full sack of burlap slung across his back which indicates he brings lots of information.

The first layout done with the deck was a Pentagram Spread to inquire about the deck itself. This is shown in the first photo.  The first card was the 10 of Wands which is a red butterfly.


The butterfly is the form taken by women warriors in the Toltec-Aztec culture. They are of course women who die in childbirth and in battle who transform in Spirit and do not enter into Mictlan or the Underworld.  The artist has drawn the butterfly wings of the 10’s in this deck as stylized sternums or breastbones,i.e.  the bones which protect the heart.  Male warriors return as hummingbirds. The concept of to “die in battle”  or “warfare” can be extended in modern times to those who die a violent death.


The colors and the directions are key factors in the  Aztec codes used to map the world. There is some variation from Olmec to Mayan to Toltec to Aztec to Mexica  but in this deck it appears that Red is the color of the West/Wands;  Yellow the color of the East/Sword;  Blue the color of the South/Cups. The traditional color of the North or Mictlan is white but since the Land of the Dead  is where the scenes take place Green/Pentacles becomes the Earth above, the land of the living which is engaged in a reciprocal relationship with the dead.


Bones are seeds in the Aztec Underworld. After the creation of the Fifth Sun the cosmovision of Mesoamerica says bones were required to repopulate the Earth with human beings. The bones taken from Mictlan were then fed the blood of the Gods in order to bring them and mankind back to fleshy life.

In light of this one can see why the phrase “Memento Vivere” or  remember to live appears over the Sugar Skull on the deck box.  Just as  trees, vegetation and  flowers  come from seeds so does mankind come from seeds of bone.


The High Priestess card connects to one’s dream life. As the scenario shows she  has a key to their understanding. In fact she may have a hand in creating them. Her open book has drawings in it like the Codices of the Aztecs not words. A codex is shown again closed  in the 6 of Wands also in my Pentagram Spread.

The High Priestess  is one of the few cards  in the deck with lit candles. The Magician, Hierophant have candles as does The Queen of Wands. The Hermit of course took his lit lamp with him into the grave.  The Five of Wands shows a lit match with an empty candle holder. All of these candle/light cards are part of a larger story of the absence or presence of light as awareness in the dream and death worlds.

So we see a slice of “activity” in the Land of the Dead, a land both North and below our feet. Do not place  westernized limits on when to use  this deck. It is not just for Halloween or the Days of the Dead. Everyday the two worlds of the Living and the Dead intersect  with each death and birth; with every sunrise and sunset.

Working with your Ancestors is not a requirement for this deck. The Dead are the dead. They are simply people who have passed on- not just your kin but every dead man and dead woman. They are not Spirits as the Spirit of a dead man having wings  flies away and cannot be confined in the Land of the Dead .


Waiting on the Mailman

Waiting for the arrival of a new deck is a practice which develops one’s patience. Ha! I am in the process of doing some looking into a Tarot deck based on an indigenous American folkloric tradition, albeit a modern one. I ordered the 2017 Santa Muerte Tarot deck standard edition by Fabio Listrani. It will be my next blog review.

The card that first caught my attention is the one pictured at the left, Temperance. Just one look and  I was off searching for the other images of the deck. The minors have some scenes which adhere to the Rider-Waite format, while others show  images based on the theme of the deck.

Not being involved in the cult of Santa Muerte, the upcoming review will focus on how indigenous American cultural symbology  works in divination.