From the Dark Moon Museum

In occultism there are matters which exclude so called “free will”, where u have to be recognized by your Essence. Some will INSIST: “everyone’s the same”.  Noooo…. not even on a basic biological level can that falsehood hold!!  Arrogant breachers believe they can make pacts, conjure, or contact any Entity and/or simply project their minds into restricted spaces. Again- doesn’t work like that!

First contact ALWAYS comes from the Invisible Dimensions. The failure of their aggressive approach is plain to see when reading intellectual smoke screen grimoires and observing the patchwork of imitative folkloric rites which function as self-made cages for modern “mages”.

Be aware: The Dark Moon is not a Necromancer’s moon, though it once may have benefited grave robbers and over time gained an association with the Dead.

The Dark Moon is an opening, an exit door from the planetary aura and the “group mind.” A reset or code switch can be made. The celestial laws or clockwork which bind flesh and mind to Time are taking a short break.