Black As Metaphysical Principle

Words are sounded shorthand or written notations. Behind each descriptive noun and adjective is the tree of which it is a leaf.  The Man in Black is a title which represents a metaphysical Principle, an entity who is not human.

This is not the “borrowed” costume of those who dress in black as a uniform, i.e. the priests of various religious orders to link to the energy of the metaphysical principle of unity

The Man in Black

The addition of horns, hooves and tails to the construct of The Man in Black is a means of indicating the principle has fallen from or is below so-called humanity. The fall from favor or from light equates the non-human principle to an animal or sub-human level.

Men in Black is an archetype in the group mind, represented as the “agents” in the Matrix and as alien hunters in the MIB series, though the worded concept of the Men in Black hails back to 1950’s paranormal and UFO research (see Bender, 1953 and Keel/Barker 1960’s)  as well as Malcolm X’s 1965 autobiography.


So designated “black” people worldwide are connected to the metaphysical principle of black as well as the archetypal concept as concrete representatives of the same abstract “black” energy by association.

Black used in reference to a humanoid entity is a base code for a presumed preternatural, alien or non- human origin which was formerly represented in both art and magical text as referring to djinn or demons.