Quarantine Cards

Original Kippers- Prison Card

This is the condition card to use when asking about the quarantine or isolation. One may use it in the central position of the MC1/MC2 in a layout to check on the state of affairs. It may indicate  states of martial law especially when card 22 appears in proximity, i.e. touching the sides right or left of it.

As a building card 29 with 31 the Short Illness card indicates a HOSPITAL. In terms of fatalities look for 10 the trip card (to the hospital) appearing with 19- Death or card 19 appearing to the right of card 31.

Card 23 or the Court in these situations are decisions made at the local level. In terms of the Federal Laws and edicts one would look for Card 25 or High Honors for national status or statements.

The Kipper cards were created at a time of unrest and repression so the images are particularly appropriate for readings at this  time.

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