Reading Dark Energies

The Temple of Abzu deck by Howler Dahlroth is my newest acquisition. It is an oracle deck which was made by a Swedish occultist originally for use within his order. Abzu is another word for the Abyss and this 99 card deck is rendered in black and white alone- no colors.

Each card has a number and a phrase on the top and bottom. Three cards are usually chosen from the deck and read across as two utterances or stanzas.

It is an accurate deck in that the words and images are  much like a doorway which looks into another dimension. These are the scenes one sees just before dreaming or in darkened corners of a dimly  lit room.

There is an energy that comes with the deck which is palatable. It is a specialized oracle for those who work with the darker energies. A “white lighter” would definitely find it a bit uncomfortable!