The Source reflected the Primordial entities- from them came many Divinities and from Them the galactic lineages. This is the true Origin message. What ouur Elders remembered when they said the first Ancestor was Source or the Most High.
Image: Eye of Providence, Zigeuner (gypsy) deck, Piatnik

Kipper Connections

The Kipper Connection cards are  03- State of Marriage, 04 Convene and 30 Court Official and 31 Short Illness.

Connection Cards

These cards help one to make combinations and function as a plus sign.  The main meaning of a connection card is not dropped. It remains the topic of the combo, so  cards flanking 03 speak of a specific relationship; those flanking 04 Convene speak of an association or a group with which the MC is involved. The cards next to 30 Court Official/Officer give details of two elements involved in a conflict, just as the cards next to 31 describe a short illness or an affair depending on the  cards connected and of course the query of one’s client!

Connecting  cards form links/combos and provide more details.

The key to Kipperkarten is the same as other Oracular systems, the reader works with the cards on a daily basis as a self-diagnostic tool (mirror) until they’ve made a strong connection with the “current” or the Spirit of the deck.

It helps to journal the process along the way as it takes a couple of turns of the Wheel before things click or the Spirit of the deck acknowledges your demonstrated commitment and chimes in on reads for yourself and clients.

I have been acquainted with Kipper cards for a while. I first blogged about them in the form of the Mystical Kippers in 2012, when taking a break from Lenormand  studies. When I took three  courses for certification  from the World Kipper Association in 2016-2017  the Original Kipperkarten deck was used. From Spring 2017 until the present I have made it a habit to use that deck daily.

Kippers are  the best Oracle deck I’ve used and I have handled many forms of Cartomancy in many years of reading.

The Jade Oracle Review

The Jade Oracle

As time goes on, wii  find birthdays to be nostalgic, so to cheer up a purchase was made of a long eyed Oracle deck as a present to self. The Jade oracle arrived from the West Coast a few days later and being in good spirits I opened the box and was delighted by the presentation.

 The box is sturdy. It contains 52 large full color cards. It arrived from Goddess Ink with a large silky drawstring pouch and the LWB written in English and Spanish to tell the stories of the deities and symbols of ancient Mexico .

This is a woman-centric enterprise. The 3 ladies responsible for the deck’s creation did their job well. Female deities who were maligned by Spanish Catholic writers of the ancient Codices which preserved their names and images are returned to their Divine status and given the respect they are due! The LWB though brief for each of the 52 cards works hard to explain the function of each deity or symbol breaking down the name meanings in Nahuatl, the indigenous language of Central Mexico.

The LWB gives enough meaning  to use a single card draw for any simple clear query and there is a Five Card Reading which provides a 360 degree  view of the Querent  in time and space using the Aztec-Mexica cultural interpretation of the four directions.

I enjoyed using the 5 card layout on New Year’s Day as a part of divination rituals. It is an oracle for those who feel the call of the Earth beneath them in the Americas and feel the changes being created by the coming Sixth Sun.

Images shown are the property of Goddess Ink. Deck was created by Veronica Iglesias and Anne Key, Art by Ramona Snow Teo in 2017 by a Kickstarter campaign. It is now available in a coloring card edition to be filled in by the user. For more information see:

Mildred Speaks on The Purge

The Asylum Layout

Being in extreme chill mode this Sunday, I decided to speak to Mildred Payne. I asked her to design a layout which she did and to address some issues for my audience here on the blog in terms of the current Saturn retrograde. FYI : the Saturn Retrograde 2018 started on April 17 at 9° Capricorn and ends on September 6 at 2° Capricorn.

The 13 card Asylum Layout

The bottom layer of  six cards in this layout represents the “underground”. It is the inner earth,  where activity  hidden from the rational mind  triggers a response on the subconscious level of both  groups and individuals.

The level with four cards represents the space-time of our physical plane and what is happening around us which we can see if we pay attention but often may  not be aware of or misinterpret.

The 2 card level is that of the “double,” the energy twin each living being has and the shadow form it uses to interact with  the physical realm. The double after the death of an individual can be captured and placed in other vehicles. Mildred says “dolls” are often used for this but other objects can be vessels as well.

The card on top – the roof of the asylum is a spiritual seed . It is the hint of an incoming energy  which is  preparing to descend, i.e.  entering  into the process of manifestation.


The commentary which follows below uses the original 52 card Secret Pocket Oracle . My method of working the layout is from the bottom to the top. The rows are read from right to the left.


Controls are needed. Emotions are being worked up into a froth to rally negative forces. Spirits are using wild impulses and distraction as a ladder to climb out of the pit and spread  insanity like an infection.


One needs to have  firm boundaries and protections in place during a “purge cycle” which is what a Saturn Retrograde actually is!  Give honor to  Grandmother Earth so She may hold you inside Her web until the wanton destructive energy released during the Saturn retrograde passes.


BEWARE OF BACKSTABBERS!  Motives previously hidden  come to light. This is true for those around you, who act as projections of the shadow realm in your life and for your own bubbling internal cauldron of revenge.


What is being formed on the higher energy levels during this time of Saturn Retrograde is the seed of what is sure to come to pass. DO NOT PLANT DEAD SEEDS.  Fight to maintain your equilibrium and alignment now so the energy after the retrograde event passes will flow  positive, joyful and abundantly.

Thanks Mildred!!!

P.S.  Blog readers please bear with my poor eyesight. I looked this post over many times and did not realize the layout as given by Mildred had 6 cards on the bottom level and hence 13 cards total.