Kipper Connections

The Kipper Connection cards are  03- State of Marriage, 04 Convene and 30 Court Official and 31 Short Illness.

Connection Cards

These cards help one to make combinations and function as a plus sign.  The main meaning of a connection card is not dropped. It remains the topic of the combo, so  cards flanking 03 speak of a specific relationship; those flanking 04 Convene speak of an association or a group with which the MC is involved. The cards next to 30 Court Official/Officer give details of two elements involved in a conflict, just as the cards next to 31 describe a short illness or an affair depending on the  cards connected and of course the query of one’s client!

Connecting  cards form links/combos and provide more details.

The key to Kipperkarten is the same as other Oracular systems, the reader works with the cards on a daily basis as a self-diagnostic tool (mirror) until they’ve made a strong connection with the “current” or the Spirit of the deck.

It helps to journal the process along the way as it takes a couple of turns of the Wheel before things click or the Spirit of the deck acknowledges your demonstrated commitment and chimes in on reads for yourself and clients.

I have been acquainted with Kipper cards for a while. I first blogged about them in the form of the Mystical Kippers in 2013, when taking a break from Lenormand  studies. When I took three  courses for certification  from the World Kipper Association in 2016-2017  the Original Kipperkarten deck was used. From Spring 2017 until the present I have made it a habit to use that deck daily.

Kippers are  the best Oracle deck I’ve used and I have handled many forms of Cartomancy in 55 years of reading.

The Discomfort Cards 14 and 31

The two cards shown below are often referred to as directional (14) and connecting (31) cards. In practice with the core Kipper read where the MC1 or MC2 is the center point of a four card read, cards 14 and 31  function differently in proximity, i.e. touching the MC card.

My daily reads use the 5 card spread which is the base of the STOP CARD METHOD (see bottom picture).  When these  cards 31 & 14 fall in them the meaning is either ILLNESS (31) or PAIN(14). In essence the two cards are read the same way  when they appear in the spread above, below, before and behind the  Main Person card.

The designations eliminate the need to change the meaning according to the way the MC faces. For example below the MC, the pain is well below the waist, behind  it indicates  back  pain.


In front of the MC is a coming stomach ache and over the head is a current headache or migraine. With Card 31 the pain is temporary, a short illness which requires bed rest. The condition should be diagnosed by a physician and may require medication. When Card  14 is involved with the MC however it indicate a chronic already known condition which is aggravated or acute. Card 14 can indicate tears being shed because of the pain.

The meanings for pain are found in the standard Kipper-Karten Band II by Leiding. I  experience them as having these particular meaning only when making  contact with the MC card in the basic spread below. Other Kipper interpretations or cards 14 and 31 are general or based on the specific spread used.


Steppin’ Out & Up!

Kipper 9 card layout

No more Tarot for client reads, no more Lenormand either. The past twenty years have effectively wiped out the vibratory frequency of Tarot whether Marseilles style or Rider Waite as a public divination tool. Having grown up with a Tarot deck in  my hand I do not say this lightly.

Lenormand was quickly leveled by  Millennials to  base level fortune telling by intuitive readers- too busy burning sage to actually learn the system.  After  7 odd years of teaching myself Lenormand from German sources and  swimming in an Internet shark tank of cliquish, biased  New Age wanna be Cartomancy superstars, the glamour of reading those cards wore thin.

To be honest Tarot is best used for those who are actually walking and working on the Hermetic  Path. It is a great evaluation tool for initiates of the Golden Dawn,   Silver Star, and other lodges. It is not a system to be used for fortune telling at a psychic fair. Tarot is divination not fortune telling. There is a BIG difference.

Since  English is my Mother Tongue, working with a German oracle is a very comfortable energy. So I choose the Kippers, the Original Kippers to do fortune telling for clients and myself!

No 36 card Grand Tableau spread either. The 36 card layout doesn’t allow the free flow of energies which  the Stop Card method encourages. I use the 4 base card method around the Main card &  meanings as taught by Hildegard Leiding. From that starting position I then move into the  Stop Card layout which I  was introduced to by Toni Puhle.

The only downside is the small numbers on the Original Kippers which make notation of readings tedious as  even with  glasses on I still have to pick up the cards when I fail to remember their rank numbers.




When Fake is Real

In the modern world or so called”New Age,” occultism and metaphysics is commercialized.  Everything  the  60’s  promoted  as  cutting  edge  is  now  everyday  ordinary.  The  time  of  the Millenial’s grandparents  and  Gen Z’s  great-grands  has  not  been  relegated  to griot tales or folklore  but  become  grafted onto items one can purchase.

The level of incredulity from the past has been transformed into a blanket of superficiality that is the “real world” of the masses . Read a book and next day call yourself an expert. Conjure the dead, spirits, even the Gods from 5 thousand dollar grimoires. Join witch coven social clubs, initiate into African “secret sects” and Voodoo cults while on vacation,  make an art Tarot deck and publish it with go-fund me backing.

All of this has made the occult a circus with too many “ringmasters” who promote themselves as experts but can produce  no results for their clients.

The act of spending money has a cathartic effect in a commerce driven virtual world. Once purchased occult services are often psychological bandaids and/or blinders. 21st century metaphysical matters are 99.0% “smoke without any mirror.”

However, Caveat  Emptor!  Let both  buyers and sellers beware not only of empty purses and litigation but of the 1.0% in this “business” which  is 100% supernatural!

Black As Metaphysical Principle

Words are sounded shorthand or written notations. Behind each descriptive noun and adjective is the tree of which it is a leaf.  The Man in Black is a title which represents a metaphysical Principle, an entity who is not human.

This is not the “borrowed” costume of those who dress in black as a uniform, i.e. the priests of various religious orders to link to the energy of the metaphysical principle of unity

The Man in Black

The addition of horns, hooves and tails to the construct of  animus  of The Man in Black in myth code is a means of indicating the  principle is not part of the intellectual domain  and is older than the  consensus mind of  mankind.  What is not within  the heavenly grace aka   programming  of the species is referred  to as below;  or held within the human subconscious  or instinctive level  emotional drivers which are suppressed and denied.

Men in Black is an archetype in the group mind, is a “switched code” a concept which reversed the old folklore  to erase the knowledge held in it. The cinematic Men in Black are represented as the “agents” in the Matrix movie  and as alien hunters in the MIB series.  The  worded concept of  Men in Black hails back to 1950’s paranormal and UFO research (see Bender, 1953 and Keel/Barker 1960’s)  as well as Malcolm X’s 1965 autobiography.

So designated “black” people worldwide are connected to the metaphysical principle of black as primal energy as well as the archetypal concept as concrete representatives of the same abstract “black” energy by association.

Black used in reference to a humanoid entity is a base code for a presumed preternatural, alien, wild or non- human origin which was formerly represented in both art and magical text as referring to djinn or demons.


From the Dark Moon Museum

In occultism there are matters which exclude so called “free will”, where u have to be recognized by your Essence. Some will INSIST: “everyone’s the same”.  Noooo…. not even on a basic biological level can that falsehood hold!!  Arrogant breachers believe they can make pacts, conjure, or contact any Entity and/or simply project their minds into restricted spaces. Again- doesn’t work like that!

First contact ALWAYS comes from the Invisible Dimensions. The failure of their aggressive approach is plain to see when reading intellectual smoke screen grimoires and observing the patchwork of imitative folkloric rites which function as self-made cages for modern “mages”.

Be aware: The Dark Moon is not a Necromancer’s moon, though it once may have benefited grave robbers and over time gained an association with the Dead.

The Dark Moon is an opening, an exit door from the planetary aura and the “group mind.” A reset or code switch can be made. The celestial laws or clockwork which bind flesh and mind to Time are taking a short break.

Law and Order


Law & order is found in the Celestial Realm. The positions of sun, moon, earth and the Stars create the angles (angels) which enforce the Word (i.e. the Laws of Physics/ Manifestation) and control the affairs on our plane in this solar system. Law and Order on this scale are shown in symbol and art as the “clockwork” of our Cosmos.

What we see happen in the world are not choices made by its rulers but the effects of  “higher law” causation which is indeed “over our heads.” It is an energy which connects to us via the group mind.

Mankind carries a pattern recognition program aka DNA which pushes them to “re-enact” both ancestral, cultural and planetary Karma. To “ascend” means to transcend both personal Karma and the limitations imposed on our system by the glass ceiling/sealing of Cosmic Law by becoming other than mankind.

The card shown in this post is the Star from the Vieville Marseille Tarot by J.C Flornoy.


Tarot as Notarikon

Etymology is the mind’s game. The roots of words are effects not the cause of meaning. Language is symbol based and culturally biased.  Words are tricky, the banana peels man’s intellect tosses away and later slips on, and the academic labyrinth  it fashions only to get trapped in.

Words cannot explain what is found above the mental plane, i.e.  free energy.  The mental plane in modern occult terminology is called causal. This is an error.

It is consciousness not cognitive brain function which is the Sole Cause.  The primordial emanations which predate existence  are vibratory, thus  deep study in Hermetic Arts requires one convert words into numbers or frequencies.

Revelation renders mankind  outside of his fleshly form  whether in the  dream body or energy double “dumbstruck.”  Above the mental plane  pictures and image streams are transferred in lieu of words. The words come later and the meaning, if it is to be had at all, must be wrested from  ones life experience.

Tarot as used in Hermeticism focuses on the Major Arcana as notarikon. The  descriptions of states and conditions  on the card’s face is approached as having another interpretation which goes beyond the images shown. Each trump is an Arcana, the holder of a secret or as they say in the  East a “terma” or concealed  treasure.

Let us dig!

*The word “notarikon” is borrowed  Greek language  which was derived from the  Latin word “notarius” meaning “shorthand writer.” Notarikon is one of  three  methods used by Kabbalists, the other two are Gematria and Temurah to rearrange words and sentences. These methods were used in order to derive and to hide the esoteric substratum and deeper spiritual meaning of the words in the sacred texts.  Notarikon was used in  Alchemy.

( *Info sourced from Wikipedia)

In Your Feelings?

A feeling is an “emotional” state. Feelings are energies which literally engulf a person by 1) pulling the auric field close around them like a fence 2) becoming the dominant note or color in the auric field.  This is then 3) accompanied by a change in temperature. The RED flush of anger. The BLUE chill of indifference, distance, etc.

Emotions are aptly named because once in the aura they compel one to make a move. Feelings are also called PSYCHIC PUSHES as they instigate action. Feelings are FAST (recall the Agents in the Matrix movie??)  as they are signal modifications born from the instinctive survival level of the personal subconscious NOT the slower process of mental cognition related to ordinary thought or beta brainwaves. As brainwave frequency “feelings” can be classed with the Lambda brainwave which is actually a  “wave rider”  attaching itself to  slower brain frequencies. One is taken up and “swept away” on emotion’s tides.

Feelings also “pull” or attract circumstances to the auric field  related to or harmonious with their frequencies. However people are not only moved by  their own personal feelings but are subject to feelings emanating from the group  which blow like winds to ripple as waves troubling the stormy seas of humanity. Like attracts like. Anger  attracts  situations to the FEELER just as  fear does.

Be mindful of language as the worded concept  feeling” differs from  sensation  which is based in the 5 TACTILE senses.

The Tarot Arcanum which addresses the push and the pull of the feelings is the Lovers. In the card shown above the color Yellow represents tangible sensory stimulation and sensations.

When Tarot is used in Metaphysics or Alchemy, the Major Trumps are called Arcanum plural or single Arcana which indicates their use in teaching about Laws and Processes of the Human Psyche.

People have the right to reach up or down, to grasp the lightning bolts of heaven or hell. One can decide to allow the fires of passionate Divine Rage to blaze but know they are HOT, HOT, HOT with a heat which feeds upon the “Life Force/Chi ” of mortal men. ” Our god is a consuming fire” refers to the emotions which are connected to the subconscious levels of existence.  This is why various rituals of appeasement or cooling down are found in cultures worldwide.

Divine indifference or apathy is COLD as ice and like cold packs applied to a sprain preserves human cell structure by extending battery life aka life force.  On chill the push buttons or emotional triggers are deactivated. One may act but without a spark of immediacy  started by an emotional wildfire. When one chooses the cold blue flame one gains TIME  to change the outcome, to fine tune a situation. One is not caught up in the tide.

All have free will to choose the red or the blue pill, to decide whether to act on emotions or choose a direction in a situation. Never go to the Cross roads  in the lukewarm afterglow of physical arousal to hangout or stand about. Where  roads cross one must decide.


Alchemate: Trumps 19 and 20

Statement:  The Work is the demolition of the Wall of Fiction the disciple’s  “Mind-Body” finds Itself trapped in.

When one approaches  Tarot not as a divination device but as the Book of Life’s alchemic notations the Marseille deck’s Major Arcana images reveal the greatest amount of symbolic details towards that purpose.

The Twins in card 19 shown in the walled in garden show the Mind-Body relationship. The child with the tail is of course the physical body which shares much with the animal kingdom.

The Wall around the Twins is the Wall of Fiction or the accepted Reality of Phenomena which has to be demolished.  It is the symbol of  liminal space the time between  ‘what was’ and what comes  ‘next.’ It represents transition, waiting, and limitation. It may seem a defined space is Paradise or  a  Garden of Eden but in fact it is a holding cell for both  mind and body.

The shining  Sun shows the Group Mind as an observer and  energy source. The Sun is not confined inside the Garden but shines over a  greater space than the walled  enclosure.

In order for a student to  become an initiate they must destroy their wall. This is a process of work and understanding of their own mental and psychological fictions. A search for beliefs or the seeds which took root and in a sense created each brick or obstacle which  limits their potential or greater awareness.

The word “alchemate”  is a portmanteau which showed up around 2016 which combines the words “alchemy” to transform and the word “automate” which means to make processes and systems automatic.

An initiate  begins or turns on the process of transformation in the limited consciousness of the DAY cycle using  affirmations, visualizations and/or energy moving  exercises which when faithfully done penetrates to the deeper levels of the subconscious to become automatic in the NIGHT cycle which is show in card 20 or   Judgement.

The combination of cards 19 and 20 shows the work of the Day and Night Cycle or the process of  alchemating!

The Sun as in Card 20 has transformed from the Group Mind of the masses to the Anima Mundi or Soul of the Earth (equilateral cross on yellow flag is an earth symbol) who blows a  trumpet.  One can see vestiges of the Twins in a male and female pair who represent here the conscious and subconscious aspects of human awareness .  A mysterious central grey-blue figure rises up  from a prone position in a coffin or bed,  facing the Anima Sola and the revelation  of a new heaven and Earth with no wall in sight.