The Six


The Six

1. Personal consciousness – (waking state)  2. Group consciousness

3. Personal subconscious- (dreaming state) 4. Group Subconscious

5. Personal unconscious- (recharging state) 6. Group Unconscious


Fortune tellers look at the everyday occurrences surrounding the questions of love, money, health. Fortune telling seeks solutions to help people survive and thrive in the conditions and environment in which they find themselves. Their answers come from the group consciousness.

Diviners use their tools to contact levels behind and under those which are in physical phenomena. To divine is to dive into the deep waters of the group subconscious mind or the collective subconscious mind, an older term which I prefer. Divination is a metaphysical process. It seeks to contact occult or unseen energies which are on their way into manifestation; forces which have left manifestation; and forces which were active prior to this existence. Divination makes contact in order for an individual to learn to navigate in, evolve and eventually transcend the limitations of the collective subconscious code.

Oracles deal with the unconscious levels which are abstract and energy based. Energy is the principle of existence itself. These principles or laws of existence are the Princes of Power. These are non-physical sentient Entities who move or  flow unseen but perpetually present in all the worlds which constitute our multiverse. An oracle communicates with these energetic archetypes which can and do personify themselves as Thoughts, Voices, Visions, Dream Persons, etc.  No rituals or tools are needed. An Oracle has a direct internal connection to one or more of these sentient energies.

So we see three levels. Fortune tellers work in the nexus between the personal mind and the group mind. Diviners use tools to go deeper into the group subconscious and return info to the surface of the mind. Oracles have an internal link to an abstract sentient entity on the group unconscious levels and function as an interface between the abstract and the concrete world, in other words the Oracle is the tool used by Higher Forces to communicate with mankind by re-calibrating frequencies and signals.

  • “The Six” in the title comes from the 1976 movie, The Legacy.



Tarot d'Eltynne
The Tarot d’Eltynne


The intellectual mind needs to explain phenomena, to see examples and validate current events by comparisons to past patterns. The mind likes a good story. In dealing with cards one works with an abstract energy which uses symbols and images as a notation system. This is the way the subconscious communicates with the intellect. The messages of oracle decks such as Lenormand and Kipper tend to be short and to the point like flashes of lightning in a night sky and the reader’s voice becomes the trumpet of reveille. The sleepy intellect awakened by such sharp notes automatically wants to be soothed by a softer sound. The New Age style reader works to comfort their client’s intellect to spare them the disorientation or break beat inherent in the message or to cover their small amount of skill with a long winded story. Both approaches are wrong.

Readers should train in a Cartomantic system before even saying the word “Intuitive” which actually refers to the inner tutor – the interface between the subconscious and unconscious levels. Each oracle deck has  a tutelary Spirit set over it. Only when a Reader can interface with the Tutor over the deck do they move beyond the techniques to become “intuitive,” or clear or in that system. One system does not transfer automatically into another system.  To be clear even in a system such as Tarot one must know each variation of deck has a different Overseer. New artistic versions of an old deck do not share the original  tutorial spirit. Each new art deck is an adaptation on probation and must wait for followers  who can master it over generations to collectively create a Tutor.

To be a Cartomancer is a journey which requires a commitment and the investment of years of study not a weekend or a week! Modern times force people to seek instant results, to buy a deck, open a book, watch a video and hang out a shingle. Nope. It just doesn’t work like that!