Self- development is an older name for the preliminary work of the Player/Initiate in the Great Game, which aims at balancing the four elements in body & mind. Yes, the mind or Psyche is a part of the body complex. Mind is the filter or cap over Existence which has to be made translucent and then transparent. Without mind -body balance there can be no journeyman level in the Mysteries, no entrance into the Garden without major disruption or imbalance to psychological functioning. Much of the so-called odd psychic phenomena encountered up to full psychotic breaks early in the Game by the unprepared is simply negativity & debris which was not removed.
Image: The Magician, RWS deck, blackout

The Y Crossroad

Mankind while under the Dome are subject to the decrees and degrees of Fate -until they are not. Just as each day is opened and shut in the Vault of the Skies, various opportunities appear on our path.
In each case a decision must be made at the Y crossing or fork in the road to continue straight ahead or to veer either left or right. The choice is one’s own to make but the laws of physical space and time are firmly fixed and will not yield immediately to any virtual command.
Image: Jean Noblet Tarot. Arcana VI- The Lovers aka Sigilium Salomonis (Solomon’s Seal) or Bifurcatio 

Through the Valley

Lyra’s Golden Compass (His Dark Materials – Pullman)


The Winter of 2020 was a particularly harsh one. The use of divination by cards was not needed as the focus was more on dream symbology.

Yes, there are similar rites and similarities but the use of a deck to “see” seemed to be a bit of a chore as there was so much glorious darkness to travel in and on.

Spring is arriving slowly and with night chills in the Northeast. More light is available, longer days and oddly enough longer dreams, so into the labyrinth the Soul travels. The Bright Mirror scrys  just as well as the Dark and the ways of seeing in day and night are many.




Working The Numbers: 2021

It has been a part of my Tarot end-beginning ritual to interpret  the incoming year  in terms of the arcanum or trumps. Here, I am using the mini Thoth deck printed by AG Muller back in 1997. The Thoth Tarot is an old friend and was my introduction to the study of the Tarot as a system versus as a divination aid.

Above is the Tarotic equivalent of the coming year 2021. As we have been dealing with the Judgement / Aeon card for 20 solid years the energy is recognizable. The end of the Age is a transition and the effect is  destructive, and fragmenting. Crowley believed this was the card of the New age of Horus, which is why the child Horus is shown with his finger to his mouth covering his lips which is saying not all can be told- this advice has been received by  all serious metaphysicians since 2000.

Card 21 is The World/Universe and it is the final combination that can be paired with the 20th trump. The pairing says that there is an ending which is superimposed over the entire planet which covers or ushers in the New Age. We are there now.

However there are other messages from Maat/Math in the Tarot Gematria of 2021 which are found in hidden or enclosed combinations. 20-21 hides in the reverse order 12 and 02, i.e. The Hanged Man and the High Priestess.

With this deck the blue tones and the shading of these two trumps point to the subtle level of the energy changes. The Hanged Man speaks of sacrifices human and otherwise and it speaks of reversals- of the plane “above” the Earth’s material level.  So like Odin the initiate must make a sacrifice to receive knowledge which AT THIS TIME is being taught or released only on the subtle planes by the High Priestess. The High Priestess is another concept of secrecy as only to those who have made offerings of their time, commitment and devotion- symbolized by the fruits of the  Earth at her feet can enter her temple.

The final combination of 2021 in reverse hides  10& 22(Cipher/Zero). The 22nd card is the unnumbered trump.  The Wheel of Fortune is the symbol of the limit of evolution in the Cosmos. It is the Revolving Door of incarnation or incarceration – conception; birth; maturity;  death which plays over and over- until it doesn’t.

In the forward motion of 20-21 we see 22 & 01,  the Fool and the Magus. Are they adversarial energies or one and the none? Zero is hung over The Fool as a symbol  to remind of us of the Unborn and Infinite  Outside the Cosmic confines. This combination reminds the metaphysician there is an escape hatch as well as a pause button.

Exitus Scaena Sinisterism


‘Tis the Season

In Regula Elizabeth Fiechter’s Mystical Kippers  drawn by  Urban Trosch the 17th card is aptly called in English, Receive A Gift. It perfectly sums up the flow of the spiritual current at the Yule season.

In reading Kipperkarten via the traditional methods, Card 17 brings the energy of the card above it down to the card below it. It is a vertical card, much like the Tree many decorate. The Star topper on the tree above shines  on the earth allowing one to see the presents below.

In a mystical sense the questions /seeds which were asked or planted at the 2020 Mid-Summer’s Solstice are answered or made manifest as Epiphanies.  The gifts wii receive from Dec. 25th – Jan. 6th are symbols of a spiritual harvest or of Gnosis made flesh.



Under Dark Wings

The Spirits are saying there is “plenty of hell” for everyone in the coming year. So don’t think 2021 is bringing anything other than Judgment on the World or the physical plane.
What does it mean to take refuge? To take refuge is to find a safe space. Refuge comes from the Old French meaning “to flee.” Refuge in most religions referred to physically entering the protective enclosures of temples or monasteries, off- limits by cultural agreement to war & strife
welcoming to those forced out of their homes.
Some of the great buildings extant from times unknown called by various names today such as Gothic, Moorish or Tartarian architecture were such stone citadels. Refuge has an occult meaning and as such refuge is said to be “under the wings ” or the protection of a powerful Entity.
In T: The New Tarot for the Aquarian Age drawn by John Starr Cooke, the numbers are not present on the Major Trumps and all the names have been changed.  The old Blasted Tower or 16th Trump became Citadel, the conceptual equivalent of refuge or sanctuary in the modified deck.
As to the date 2021, in Cooke’s deck card 20 is  Judgement renamed the Knower of which we just had a double dose in 2020!  Card 21,  the World is dubbed The Virgin. This combination of 2021, i.e. Knower with Virgin suggests that there will changes or structural shifts in the third dimension.
Long Night 2020

Direct or Indirect Method?


The use of tools for divination is approached in two main ways.  In the first method one learns the meanings of the cards, combinations, layouts and history of the deck, etc. This is the long road.

The second way involves having a “spirit” or a personal connection to the invisible realm. The connection in folkloric terms of divination is often referred to as having a “gypsy” spirit. The term gypsy is not ethnic or limited to the Romani peoples, it is a cross-cultural  indicator of a  psychic ability to read or access invisible energies  while using the cards  as prompts or props, be that as it may.

In is in the second or short road  that the person does not have to use the traditional meanings of the cards or learn any methods. The cards are simply a type of symbol shorthand used by the person and their “spirit” or psychism  within the setting of a reading session. It makes their ability less invasive and thus seem less threatening.

Today, the second method has been adopted by people who are not psychic or gifted and dubbed the intuitive method. They skip learning the card meanings, or techniques and immediately read clients. They simply make up stream of consciousness “narratives” from their own egoic fantasies and call it a reading. There is absolutely nothing intuitive about the process at all.

Discipline is not fun. Study is a commitment. As the old saying goes: “you can’t con a con” or fool God. Something is always watching what we do and the way we do it.





A Different Frequency

Many things have changed since the Pandemic. Most people in the realm of Cartomancy, Spiritualism, and other energy based sciences have NOT changed their approach. The amount of people who are in this arena has increased  ten fold from the time of my introduction in the 70’s.

The 70’s had a different energy configuration. It was easier to establish connections with humans, spirits and other dimensions. However, this has been altered due to the introduction of electrical frequencies into the atmosphere which are modifying organic structures including the brain.

Today is a reflection of a reflection of a reflection in a hall of mirrors. Mankind has many different views to espouse all of them in mental realms. The triggers which herd men this way or that are the emotional prompts or the triggers as they are called now. These are the strings in “string theory” that make men dance to the tune of the collective mind.

In the hyperreal realm that is our Earth, fortune-telling is not accurate for the past is unreal, a tall tale told full of glory, guilt and trauma and the future is  illusionary as there is only now – replayed over and over until it stops.

Divination however remains as a way of reading signs from the realm of the divine. Readers will find  signs are cast from the Fates  realm into the physical as coincidence, apparition, deja vu, or so-called paranormal phenomena  which enter one’s life or their client’s as humanity walks towards the real Earth.

More to come,

Mama Whodun


The Kipper Große Tafel

The Große Tafel is the German way of saying a GT or a full layout. Unlike the other 36 card systems, the traditional Bavarian Kipperkarten  GT is only done in a 9 X 4 format. Though when reading for personal issues wii prefer the smaller stop card reading they too can often blossom out when using directional cards to include almost the full deck as well.

The most important question to establish  by asking the  client is their partnership status. This is MC1 -male or MC2 female. There are no options in this system. Choose the Querent’s card and automatically the other MC card is their spouse/partner/ lover. One must know if the person is single, living with someone or if they are legally married, together or separated even if the reading is to focus on matters other than relationship. Once you establish the major players and their “positions” in the Querent’s life, the status or the  roster of the People cards can be clarified. Only then can you read the interplay of the people in your Querent’s life.

When reading for clients  wii do not ask for a “theme” or a single major topic  but for all the issues that  concern the client at the moment. Usually there will be  more than 1 area.The most common problems are WORK and RELATIONSHIPS.  Often there are Querents whose inquiry is an  issue with working or professional  relationships. Kipperkarten, however does not specify health issues as does its older sibling the Lenormand system, or  better said wii did not have access to health correspondents in our training or research materials.

The 36 spread full monty will expose  the issues around your Querent when one follows the steps in reading. Issues are identified by Significator cards, an archaic card reading term wii call “situation cards”.

Since all the cards are there on the board you look for situations, people and relationships. The predominant energy or theme will be shown in the dynamics of the energy, the directions and movements on the board near the MC. After reading the cards as wii see them, it is time for feedback from the client. During feedback if there are issues to be clarified – have at it!

Note with Kipper the same cards can be used in more than one situation and with more than a single significator or Person card inside the borders of the same spread.  There is no need to do another layout. This is what makes the Kipper große tafel the best option for doing client readings.

It will take at least an hour to go over the Kipper GT  with your client. More time if the feedback is extensive and more questions are looked at. However, a reading should not exceed one  hour & a quarter at your given rate.

Wii lay  out the cards before speaking to any  client on the phone.  The people cards are established because wii have already inquired about their status- single, married, divorced, widowed. Again, be very specific on this point as it sets the tone of the reading.

Looking at the cards in the 9 X 4, wii make note of the major points-  namely, the MC’s position in the column and rows*. The circle around the MC., the MC’s House position, the Line  of Sight, then the major situations- taking into account  their placement in the  houses and also the positions of all CRISIS or NEGATIVE cards in relation to the MC.  Then look to their chief concerns.

The  timing  division  of the layout is established in ouur style  of reading based on the vertical column the MC card occupies. In general, the timing on a GT does not go beyond a  six month period, but  practice has shown  this is a three month period behind and a three month period  before the client only if the MC card is placed in the center of the layout.

The Original Kipper cards shown above contain all the  codes, directions and symbols on the card face  to help you help your client. Accept NO substitute deck  if you really want to read in the Kipperkarten system.

Health is Wealth!