A Different Frequency

Many things have changed since the Pandemic. Most people in the realm of Cartomancy, Spiritualism, and other energy based sciences have NOT changed their approach. The amount of people who are in this arena has increased  ten fold from the time of my introduction in the 70’s.

The 70’s had a different energy configuration. It was easier to establish connections with humans, spirits and other dimensions. However, this has been altered due to the introduction of electrical frequencies into the atmosphere which are modifying organic structures including the brain.

Today is a reflection of a reflection of a reflection in a hall of mirrors. Mankind has many different views to espouse all of them in mental realms. The triggers which herd men this way or that are the emotional prompts or the triggers as they are called now. These are the strings in “string theory” that make men dance to the tune of the collective mind.

In the hyperreal realm that is our Earth, fortune-telling is not accurate for the past is unreal, a tall tale told full of glory, guilt and trauma and the future is  illusionary as there is only now – replayed over and over until it stops.

Divination however remains as a way of reading signs from the realm of the divine. Readers will find  signs are cast from the Fates  realm into the physical as coincidence, apparition, deja vu, or so-called paranormal phenomena  which enter one’s life or their client’s as humanity walks towards the real Earth.

More to come,

Mama Whodun


The Kipper Große Tafel

The Große Tafel is the German way of saying a GT or a full layout. Unlike the other 36 card systems, the traditional Bavarian Kipperkarten  GT is only done in a 9 X 4 format. Though when reading for personal issues wii prefer the smaller stop card reading they too can often blossom out when using directional cards to include almost the full deck as well.

The most important question to establish  by asking the  client is their partnership status. This is MC1 -male or MC2 female. There are no options in this system. Choose the Querent’s card and automatically the other MC card is their spouse/partner/ lover. One must know if the person is single, living with someone or if they are legally married, together or separated even if the reading is to focus on matters other than relationship. Once you establish the major players and their “positions” in the Querent’s life, the status or the  roster of the People cards can be clarified. Only then can you read the interplay of the people in your Querent’s life.

When reading for clients  wii do not ask for a “theme” or a single major topic  but for all the issues that  concern the client at the moment. Usually there will be  more than 1 area.The most common problems are WORK and RELATIONSHIPS.  Often there are Querents whose inquiry is an  issue with working or professional  relationships. Kipperkarten, however does not specify health issues as does its older sibling the Lenormand system, or  better said wii did not have access to health correspondents in our training or research materials.

The 36 spread full monty will expose  the issues around your Querent when one follows the steps in reading. Issues are identified by Significator cards, an archaic card reading term wii call “situation cards”.

Since all the cards are there on the board you look for situations, people and relationships. The predominant energy or theme will be shown in the dynamics of the energy, the directions and movements on the board near the MC. After reading the cards as wii see them, it is time for feedback from the client. During feedback if there are issues to be clarified – have at it!

Note with Kipper the same cards can be used in more than one situation and with more than a single significator or Person card inside the borders of the same spread.  There is no need to do another layout. This is what makes the Kipper große tafel the best option for doing client readings.

It will take at least an hour to go over the Kipper GT  with your client. More time if the feedback is extensive and more questions are looked at. However, a reading should not exceed one  hour & a quarter at your given rate.

Wii lay  out the cards before speaking to any  client on the phone.  The people cards are established because wii have already inquired about their status- single, married, divorced, widowed. Again, be very specific on this point as it sets the tone of the reading.

Looking at the cards in the 9 X 4, wii make note of the major points-  namely, the MC’s position in the column and rows*. The circle around the MC., the MC’s House position, the Line  of Sight, then the major situations- taking into account  their placement in the  houses and also the positions of all CRISIS or NEGATIVE cards in relation to the MC.  Then look to their chief concerns.

The  timing  division  of the layout is established in ouur style  of reading based on the vertical column the MC card occupies. In general, the timing on a GT does not go beyond a  six month period, but  practice has shown  this is a three month period behind and a three month period  before the client only if the MC card is placed in the center of the layout.

The Original Kipper cards shown above contain all the  codes, directions and symbols on the card face  to help you help your client. Accept NO substitute deck  if you really want to read in the Kipperkarten system.

Health is Wealth!


Quarantine Cards

Original Kippers- Prison Card

This is the condition card to use when asking about the quarantine or isolation. One may use it in the central position of the MC1/MC2 in a layout to check on the state of affairs. It may indicate  states of martial law especially when card 22 appears in proximity, i.e. touching the sides right or left of it.

As a building card 29 with 31 the Short Illness card indicates a HOSPITAL. In terms of fatalities look for 10 the trip card (to the hospital) appearing with 19- Death or card 19 appearing to the right of card 31.

Card 23 or the Court in these situations are decisions made at the local level. In terms of the Federal Laws and edicts one would look for Card 25 or High Honors for national status or statements.

The Kipper cards were created at a time of unrest and repression so the images are particularly appropriate for readings at this  time.

Health is wealth!


Tarot Jacques Vieville & Tarot de Paris

A  package from France arrived. It was not a long wait and the red box was intact. However the bonus Tarot de Paris with it arrived without the cellophane on it and missing a title card. Of course I will not be sending it back to Sivilixi Editions … but I was a bit disappointed.

The cards are for study and  historical  value.  They are  beautifully made  though  after  seeing  the  coloring of  modern decks  a bit dull.  I glanced through the book by Patrick Coq and was delighted with the content. As soon as  we all get acquainted  and the deck is opened up, I will post a more detailed review.                                                                                             

Exit Stage Left: An Old Fool

Jacques Vieville, printed around 1650, Florney reconstruction

Here is the Fool from the Jacques Vieville deck circa 1650.  It follows an anonymous Tarot of Paris of unknown date which also faces left.  What is important to notice is that there is NO NUMBER on the card as well as the direction the Fool faces. In the Vieville decks the majors bear no titles and the numbering is different than the Marseilles, which is different than the modern RWS Tarot.

The first acknowledged Marseille deck is the Jean Noblet  of 1659. The Florney edition  does a modern revisioning of the original Vieville deck and goes one step further by presenting 44 cards with a reversed card in the all majors edition turned to “match”  Marseille style decks.

Since the Vieville is older,  and faces left  wii see this style of card as a remnant of an earlier Gnosis now forgotten. Left to us means  the Fool is making an exit from space time.

The right facing Fool as shown in the Marseille style editions wii interpret as the Fool entering  and/or  re-entering the labyrinth of the Cosmos as  tabula rasa to walk  its circular path of sequential eternal return.

Remember that the Zero or Cipher is a modern addition to this card.  Also the Tarot de Vieville  is a unique style of Tarot, just as is the Marseille deck.  Below is the all majors double version produced by Editions Le Tarot  drawn by the late J.C. Florney.





Magician or Pope?

The Pope

Many practitioners of initiatory ATR’s such as Ocha, Haiti’s  Rada Rite, and Candomble are often reminded that these are religions anchored  in community settings.  In other words they are not solitary practices. ATR’s are based on the family structure just as Christianity is.

Today, the religions which came to America with various tribes are TIED to Christian theology by traditions. Originally, it is said this was done as a cover, but now it is an embedded tradition which is clung to.  Religion doesn’t have updates.

The High Priest of a religious community is a shepherd of that flock. He may be a diviner, teacher or a counselor but he is also a representative of a priestly lineage and or a higher power.

The Pope or Hierophant card is shown with the symbols of the higher power (his scepter). He is an intermediary between heaven (his 3 tiered  crown) and the lower realms. The Pope is positioned between the visible and invisible worlds (the pillars). He passes on his knowledge and raises up those who will follow him. This is why he is shown with disciples or acolytes.

The Performer

The Tarot card which represents the solitary practitioner is the Magician.  This is obvious in the card. Here is an ordinary man. He has assumed a firm stance on the earth. His tools are simple. The table before him has on it common items. His hat shows he works with the seasons or cycles of Nature. There is no pomp or ceremonial bling in his working. He holds a simple wooden wand  and he looks away from it – off to the opposite direction of the Pope.

The Magician may also disguise what he does but this is done to make sure his message reaches the people. Entertainment is often a Magician’s ruse. They are tellers of tales, showmen, tricksters or even at times  charismatic runners of a confidence game. The Magician doesn’t give his work fancy titles. As the Kikongo saying goes: “Ndoki  can’t say what they are,” more than likely he or she will assume many different aliases on their journey.

Though the Magician seems to work solo he/she is not bereft of community. While the community of the Magician is not obvious, they are ever present. His or her relationship is with Spirits or Daemons. It is familial as well, it is just beyond 3D  and corporal forms.

In terms of inquiries about the ATR’s the Magician card would appear with individuals whose  practices are not as closely  linked to Christian principles such as Palo Mayombe, the Congo & Petro Rites of Haiti or  Brazilian  Quimbanda. So when looking for the cause and effect of certain phenomena  or what a person really is “into” or  using, keep the graphics of these two Major Arcana cards in mind.


Year 20 and 20: The Whodunit Year.

“Have a care, will you? ” An old line from a time of black and white mysteries comes to mind when wii think of the year 20 and 20. The front and the back of it, the Light and its Shadow, Judgment as the 20th Trump  or Major Arcana  is called in Tarotic notation.

Gabriel’s Horn is being blown. The Dead jump up from the crypt as the Horn and the Prayers of their anxious descendants disturb their long naps. Once again it seems nothing is right with the world.

Judgement as a year doubled is a time of  back and forth finger pointing, of accusing and being accused. It literally is like an old “whodunit.”  Who is wrong and who is right is all a matter of perspective and how much cake is in your bag!

However, when you bump into someone in the street, “have a care” and  say pardon me. Take at least some responsibility for your actions. It is a start – if you want to survive.

The New Heavens

T: The New Tarot

Solstice means “Sun stands still.” Because the earth’s axis of rotation was tilted 23 ½ degrees to its orbit around the sun, the sun appears to move north and south during the year causing the seasons to change. Thousands of years ago the sun was in the constellation Cancer at summer solstice in June and in the constellation Capricornus at midwinter’s night or the winter solstice in December.

But not anymore. The Gregorian calendar is long overdue for  replacement.  The precession of the equinoxes describes the movement of  the zodiac signs on the ecliptic  1 degree every 72 years.  Now the summer solstice occurs in Gemini and the winter solstice is in Sagittarius. The Virgin card shown above from T: The New Tarot by John Starr Cooke is the equivalent of the World card in traditional Tarot. Cooke shows the current placement of the Equinoxes and Solstices in the Mutable zodiac signs of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces using a new notation. While Gemini and Sagittarius are  straightforward  Virgo is the apple and the inverted cup is Pisces in his corner stations.
The starting dates of traditional zodiac signs (plus one) on the ecliptic are now different:
Sagittarius: Dec. 18 to Jan. 20
Capricorn: Jan. 21 to Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 17 to March 11
Pisces: March 12 to April 18
Aries: April 19 to May 13
Taurus: May 14 to June 21
Gemini: June 22 to July 20
Cancer: July 21 to Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 11 to Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 17 to Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 31 to Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 24 to Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 30 to Dec. 17

The Kipper Oracle

I have had this book on Kipper for quite a while. It is large about 300 pages and heavily illustrated  with the Original Kipper cards. It was released in 2012 by Susan Zitzl.

Her fifth chapter  is about  Kipper card combinations in  all the possible permutations. It is the largest chapter taking up approximately 150 pages or half of the book.

Ms. Zitzl’s focus on card combinations will fill in a gap which was left in my Kipper course studies. While combinations seem like they are not as important in the smaller spreads which are more position oriented than in  the full 36 Card  layout, they still give details- and a reader can never have too many of those!

Yes, the translation from German to English takes time, but it also helps one learn the way the root language of English works and that helps to understand how the Kipper cards work as well.